The creative future

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    About us

    Fotodome racsni

    FOTODOME, the creative future

    We are the first and the only one in the country who gives you the opportunity to use FotoDome technology, not only to think about the future, but also to make it visible and tactile to others through emblems. FOTODOME with personalized lettering technology implements your creative ideas, whether on textils, leather, metal, glass, wood or plastic.
    Our labels and logos are made from the finest materials, ensuring a wide range of applications not only flat but even curved surfaces.
    With the quality of our work is the attention guaranteed!

    The creative future

    • - 3D effect,
    • - widespread use: automotive, household, furniture, textiles, food, and all customized areas,
    • - With only one tool, due to the unlimited color and texturization combination, we can make more than hundreds of different products,
    • - Possibility of different hardness of logos and labels with the same tool,
    • - Wide range of environmental friendly raw materials tailored to the users needs,
    • - Scratch resistant solutions, UV, heat or moisture-proof materials,
    • - Outdoor and indoor use without the risk of yellowing,
    • - Pressure- or heat activated glue,
    • - For textiles, the logo is washable up to 60 degrees, but avoid using the dryer,
    • - Visualization of the design and short-term implementation.



    • 6500 Baja, Neumann János u. 6.

    • +36 30 575 7998